since 1825

The story begins in 1825 with the van Kempen family, which merged in 1855 with the Begeer family. They received the honour to be named "Royal van Kempen & Begeer" for manufacturing handcrafted silverware and jewellery especially for the Aristocrats, the Royal family of Holland and the rest of Europe.

In the late 19th century the company was at the height of its success in Europe, specializing in the Art Nouveau and later the Art Deco styles jewellery.

GL Nederland BV founded in 1974 is a privately owned Dutch based company. In 1984 GL was very fortunate to acquire the proud heritage of the Dutch silver (jewellery) industry "Royal van Kempen & Begeer" in Voorschoten from the Netherlands.

To their surprise there were 30.000 original and well preserved master moulds, all crafted by hand, giving them a treasure trove of history, following the footsteps of the great designers of that time. Since then GL has used these models and sketches and brought the designs of the past to the present day. Timeless in their own right and instantly recognizable, these pieces are now produced by GL Nederland and still in Holland.

Using those master moulds GL Nederland BV keeps the Dutch tradition alive, utilizing a combination of culture, history and new techniques in manufacturing. The ever expanding collection consists of over 5000 sterling silver models and it's divided into period themes (Late Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco) as well as product finish. This enables GL to appeal to the consumer who has an interest in culture and is looking for something "Different".