When GL Nederland BV took over the silver factory of the Dutch "Royal van Kempen en Begeer" in 1984, she also took over 53 professional Dutch craftsman, a large amount of machines and to their big surprise also a container filled with carton boxes.

The owner of Royal van Kempen en Begeer wanted to throw away all the old boxes with the master moulds. Fortunately that did not happen because the content of the boxes consisted of more than 30.000 original masters and well conserved moulds. All the moulds were designed in the period of approximately 1825 up to the end of 1930.

Since then, GL is producing Timeless Classics jewelry of the antique models from the original master moulds.

We are very proud that we are still manufacturing in our own factory in Holland. So, if you want to have a look into our Dutch based factory, please click on the movie.